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Activator at The Knowledge Society Intern at Kira Learning TechnoGypsie podcast co-host

Recent Projects


Recycling all wastewater from households with minimal cost and maintenance


A stand-alone, IoT, nano electrometer sensor for pre-diabetes detection


Revitalizing gut microbiome using resistant starch to help combat child malnutrition

XPRIZE Recommendation

Catalyzing police reform through community data and police incentives


An innovative program for disease prevention, using data-backed analysis.


Thinking 101: The class we should have all taken a while ago.

Guide to first principles thinking and how to utilize it in your own life

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How CNN’S can help build the next AI tutor

A guide to CNN's and their potential impact on the education system

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Building a CNN that classifies facial expressions and predicts emotion.

Tutorial on how to build a CNN that classifies facial expressions and predicts emotion

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Intro to RNN's and LSTM's

Guide to what recurrent neural networks are and how they can be enhanced by long-short term memory

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The meaning behind Peter Thiel’s “Aim for monopoly.”

Looking into what monopoly is, why we should aim for it, and how it relates to taking ownership of your own life

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Review of The Knowledge Society

An overview of my experience as an innovator at The Knowledge Society and some tips for future TKS students

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Top 7 things I learned from attending my first conference at 15 y/o

Article my friend Emma and I wrote about attending our first conference at 15 y/o

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Biosensors in remote patient monitoring

Overview of biosensors and their role in remote patient monitoring.

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TechnoGypsie podcast

Since October of 2021 Rachel and I have co-hosted the TechnoGypsie podcast. Now we have over a dozen episodes that feature emerging technology leaders, start-up founders, and more. Our mission is to give people the inspiration, knowledge and resources to impact the planet using STEM.

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